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CPA simply means cost per action or cost per acquisition. This is a method where USA companies accept you as a Nigerian for marketing for big corporations like Microsoft, United Airlines, Alibaba, Vonage etc. As a freelancer, you are paid US dollars for completing small tasks like filling a form, completing a survey, generating a sale or lead. These companies pay as much as $100 dollars for each action which is paid to your Nigeria bank account monthly. You have the ability to earn as much as $1500 (₦600,000 monthly) Many Nigerians make this or even more monthly.

Central Cash Vault 7-day training of is specifically designed for those who are looking for work from home jobs or customer service jobs in Nigeria and are interested in making serious money online using the CPA marketing platform. With our training on money making through Clickbank platforms you have the potential to earn a minimum of ₦400,000-₦800,000 all paid in US Dollars to your bank account in Nigeria.


Thanks for your interest. As stated on the website, my goal is to help you succeed online and earn enough money. Like I promised, I will help you succeed so long as you are able to follow instructions.

If you read the website properly, I mentioned there are 4 major categories which are business, health, freebies, and home services. There are several million dollar companies in the USA that are always looking for new customers on a frequent basis, they advertise via google,bing,facebook and other advert channels to acquire new customers. As we progress, you will figure out that they are always looking for more customers using every available channel, that’s where you come in.

Ordinarily no USA Company will ever approach you as a Nigerian living in Nigeria to advertise for them. What these companies do is to go to a platform called publisher network which ‘may’ in some cases accept worldwide publishers. These networks are much more flexible in terms of acceptance compared to the companies themselves. Some of these networks open their platform to international community, as usual, 95% of them would out rightly reject an application from Nigeria and other fraud prone countries like India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines etc. I being an expert in this field figured out a network that is flexible in terms of acceptance and I am 100% sure they accept Nigerians.

The reason why they don’t easily accept is because of high fraud risk involved, consider the fact that they pay out millions of dollars monthly to publishers. Once the money enters Nigeria or any of these countries listed above its gone. They have no way of asking you to refund what has been paid out, that’s why they are always hesitant approving publishers from the countries listed above. I have a solution, a company that can easily accept Nigerians.

Yes it is but if you have any doubt, I have a GURANTEE. Do not sign up, rather forward this email to a friend or someone you do not like lol. Encourage them to sign up, if they do not earn a minimum of $90 in their first week after approval after following my instructions.

Simply send me your account details I will be more than happy to send you ₦20,000 for making you go through the stress of visiting my website. That’s how confident I am. At the end of it, you will realize why they say “information is power”

You will need to apply to the publisher platform that will pay you on a monthly basis for the efforts you put in for the previous month. Once approved, you will be given access to a portal with the user name and password you chose during the sign up process. In the portal you will be given access to several company offers, the amount they pay is usually listed beside the offer name which range from $1 to $100.

If you are approved, you will understand why I called poverty a bastard on my website. You will be shocked to realize that a company will pay you $60 EVERYTIME you refer someone that fills out a simple form just like you did on Dollar Empire. In my 15years working for several companies online, I figured out that the opportunities never end. So do not panic that it will become saturated. I am not promising that you will become an overnight millionaire, but I can confidently tell you that you are able to make money if you are hungry for it. I will guide you till you are able to earn at least $500 in your first month. I hope you realize that $500 is ₦255,000!!!

Typically it takes 2 weeks or more for them to approve you, but trust me it’s worth the wait. Once you are approved you are given access to companies you never imagined you could work with. I have seen them approve some people in 2 days. Not sure why they approve some faster than others.
I will show you how to earn at least $65 in your first 2 days and possibly a total of $120 in your first week, that’s about ₦60,000 a week, you can obviously earn more but this will depend on efforts and creativity on your part. You will be given access to the warrior training platform when you will be trained step by step on how to promote and make money from each company listed on the network. Some of the companies you will have access to work with are Microsoft, Godaddy, Vonage, Ladbrokes, Alibaba and several more.
Here is the link to apply with www. (I know you are anxious to click, but continue reading before you apply) VERY IMPORTANT ONCE YOU ARE APPROVED CONTACT ME HERE [email protected] Learn from my previous mistakes; do not apply with yahoo email as you will not receive any mails from them. Provide accurate information, you will find it hard to edit if not impossible, you may end up losing all your earnings (even if you can edit, they still have the original information you sent in) Do not lie on your application; they could call you for a phone interview randomly. Do not sign up for more than one account, they can ban and seize your earnings.
Company name: If you own a company, write your company name, if not, write your name Do you have online marketing experience? If you have say YES, IF not Say NO Explain how you intend to promote our offers: PPC, Social media, email marketing, SEO, PPV, Media buying, native ads, banner display etc (don’t use all ,just select some of them) What is your website/blog address: If you have, tell them what it is, if you do not have a website, tell them you don’t have one but working to get one soon Once you are approved, don’t get confused by the publisher interface contact me immediately VIA EMAIL I will guide you. VERY IMPORTANT ONCE YOU ARE APPROVED CONTACT ME HERE [email protected] There is no need to email me before approval be patient .
Must I have a website to get started? No they will approve you since you have mentioned promotional methods like social media that do not require a personal website or blog. .
YES! To be successful online, you will need a step by step guide that you can conveniently replicate. Since the goal is to ensure you are successful and earn money, I will be happy to be your mentor who will not abandon you midway. All you need to do is email me as soon as you are approved. Approval is the most important aspect.
No due to recent yahoo data breach, most emails to yahoo are never delivered, I strongly advise you not to use anything but Gmail.
Yes I guarantee that you will earn money with this, I only need you to be optimistic, I will make sure you earn about $100 your first week to motivate you.
I can’t guarantee a specific amount, but I will assist you to earn your first $100 online, just to motivate and encourage you .I want you to realize that it is very possible sitting at home and earning money.
No, Ponzi or fast money making schemes are illegal in the US, this is online marketing where you are paid for completing simple tasks. Americans have easy access to this, what I am doing is introducing you to a company that will accept you as a Nigerian and also teach you how to earn money working for them.
It will be great if you have one, I am not telling you to go buy one. If you have any difficulty signing up, use a computer.

Yes you can call, don’t worry, I am friendly but I prefer emails unless it’s something pressing, also keep in mind the time difference. My time zone is central time. Although most questions have been answered here.

Here is the link to apply with www.

One last thing, if this makes any sense to you share with your friends on facebook, whatsapp, twitter and other social media sharing channels.



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